Multiple Teams · Power Hour: LakeVille’s Tough Guys

Monday-Thursday: 6am……..We need everyone to be there if we want to compete for a league championship or playoff appearance!

Since we have returned to school from Christmas break, we started the power hour. Power hour begins at 6AM on Mondays through Thursdays.  Athletes lift two days per week while also doing plyometric and speed training drills twice per week. During the power hour, the athletes are learning proper lifting techniques, ways to improve speed, agility, and acceleration.  Most importantly they are learning the value of hard work, dedication, and commitment to a team.

Below is a list of the men that are willing to dedicate their early mornings to making their teams better.

Varsity Players:

Dylan Gann 11th grade DB/WR

Shane Horton 9th grade DB/RB

Kyler Lambing 10th grade LB

Tristin McGaha 11th grade DL/RB

Joey Mozader 10th grade DL

Freshman Players:

Eric Athey LB

Dan Card LB/DE

Chance McGaha DB

Matt Muhulland DL

Ben Selesky OL

Middle Schoolers:

Nathan Athey 7th grade

Brennan Lambing 8th grade