Falcons News · Technology Boom at LakeVille Continues

LakeVille is often applauded by state and league officials for the technological advantages they provide for their students.   With the athletic departments recent purchase of an automated sports filming camera, they can now claim they are joining the technology boom happening at LakeVille Community Schools.

The camera system is called Pixellot and it is soon going to be taking the nation by storm as the latest and greatest for schools and their communities.  The camera unit allows schools to publish all of their events onto the NFHS TV network for anyone to view.  The unique feature of the Pixellot is that it follows the action of the game without anyone controlling zoom features.  It appears as if there is a camera man following the action but in all reality, it requires zero man power to operate the unit.

LakeVille High School is the 1st school in the entire state of Michigan to have this technology and only the 6th school in the entire United States of America.  MHSAA Communications Director, John R. Johnson, spent the day at LakeVille on Friday to view the installation and training of the Pixellot unit.  The MHSAA is excited about this revolutionary technology being installed for the first time in the state of Michigan and believes LakeVille  will continue to be ahead of other schools when it it comes to technology.

LakeVille now has the opportunity to publish all events, live or tape delayed, that take place in the high school gymnasium. Sporting events, team practices, musical events, assemblies, awards presentations, hitting leagues, and much more can all be viewed online with a few clicks of the mouse button.  The opportunities that this technology provides for our community is endless.  In the simplest form, anyone with internet access can now view the events that LakeVille decides to publish.  It will also bring better opportunities for our coaches to record practices, recruiting videos can be made and sent to college coaches and much more.

It is a great time to be a Falcon and people are starting to recognize the athletic department and entire school district is quickly on the rise. Eventually, the school would like to install a Pixellot unit at each sporting facility and also in the middle school gymnasium.

The LakeVille vs. Valley Lutheran basketball games from Friday, January 20th were the first published events on the NFHS network.  To view those games and any future events please see the information below.


In order to view the published events taking place in the LakeVille gymnasium you must be a subscriber to the NFHS network.  To view all events on tape delay for FREE you must sign up to be a subscriber of the NFHS network.  Being a simple subscriber allows you to view tape delayed games all across the country 72 hours after the live event was published.  All non-athletic events: hitting leagues, pep assemblies, music concerts, awards nights, are viewed for free, live as they are published.

To view live athletic events a subscriber must purchase 1 of 3 pass options.  These options are not very expensive and a portion of the revenue is received by LakeVille Community Schools and a portion is received by the NFHS network.  The three pass options include: a monthly pass for 9.95 (good for 30 days), a seasonal pass for for 40.00 (good for 120 days), or an annual pass for 60.00 (good for 365 days).  Remember, a portion of this revenue goes directly to LakeVille Schools and will help with the purchase and installation of Pixellot systems on the the rest of the athletic facilities.

From any mobile device or computer please go to nfhsnetwork.com and search for LakeVille Memorial High School.  The school’s home page will be displayed after the search or visit http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/lakeville-memorial-high-school-otisville-mi 

If you have any questions or need any guidance on setting up your account, please contact me at drjohnson@lakevilleschools.org.