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Boys Varsity Soccer · Q/A with Boys Soccer Coach

The LakeVille Board of Education approved the hiring of current high school special education teacher, Mrs. Krista Daniels, to lead our boys soccer program.  Below you will find some background information on Mrs. Daniels.  We excited to add her to the athletic department for our student athletes!


Tell me a little about where you are coming from, your previous coaching experience:


I have been a part of the LakeVille Community Soccer program for the last twelve years, coaching at all grade levels and currently am the supervisor of the refs for the program.  With my coaching experience at the 7th/8th grade level, I’ve had the pleasure of working with both the Lapeer and North Branch coaches.  Over the last three years, I’ve assisted with the LakeVille Varsity boys and girls soccer teams.


Did you play high school or college sports (where)?

I did not play soccer in school, but I ran track all 4 years in high school.


What do you plan to change, stress as you take over your respective programs:

To build a soccer program, we as a community first need to create interest in our program and a love of the sport.  Soccer is a non-stop action game where players need to be both physically skilled and mentally adept at anticipating on the field.


Why did you want to step into a varsity coaching role:


I love soccer and want to nurture a passion for the sport.  I have seen the LakeVille boys on the community soccer field and know that they are talented and have the heart to play competitively.  As a varsity coach, I can use my knowledge of the athletes and their skill to build teamwork both on and off the pitch.


Your thoughts on the program as it stands and what you see going forward?

On Monday May 1, I am holding an informational soccer meeting for all current 8th-11th grade boys in the district to outline my coaching philosophy and goals for the team.  I look forward to the soccer players conditioning all summer long to build endurance and working with parents to improve communication and pride in the program.